What is Image & Video Analytics 

Nowadays, businesses are generating a large amount of audio and visual content. From product images, marketing videos to customer photos, all this data gets stored in devices without being analyzed. Image and video analytics services help getting insights that can drive better decision making and improved outcomes.

The team at Machine Learning Experts leverage algorithms that help unlock valuable insights from content such as understanding customer behavior, identifying product trends and others. Our image and video analytics company offer a comprehensive service that combines cutting-edge technology with expert analysis to help you make the most of your data. 

Key Benefits 
of Image & Video Analytics for Businesses

Object Approbation

Object Approbation 

Our team uses machine learning algorithms that can accurately identify objects within images and videos. This includes people, products, vehicles and animals. It gives us insights on how people are interacting with the products, which vehicle is entering the parking zone and more.

Viable Insights

Viable Insights 

Our team provides insights and recommendations based on analysis, not just raw data. For instance, we can find out a particular product category that is getting a lot of attention in your customer photos. This gives the idea of investing more marketing resources in that area.  

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection

We use algorithms that can detect safety issues in your visual data such as unusual activity in a parking area or some protection hazard on a production line. This helps you address issues before they become serious.  

Expandable solutions

Expandable solutions 

Image and video analytics by our team are scalable. Whether it’s a small amount of visual data or a massive archive of images and videos, our cloud-based platforms can process data quickly and efficiently.  

Custom analyzation

Custom analyzation 

If you are interested in understanding customer behavior, optimizing product placement or improving safety protocols, our Image and video analytics company can design an analysis plan according to your needs. 

Our image and video analytics service model 

Video Analytics

Data collection 

We work with the clients to collect your visual data like customer photos, images and videos. Additionally, we can also automate the collection process by integrating with your existing data.  

Data processing 

We preprocess data by removing irrelevant data before analyzing. Our team uses a combination of manual and automated processes to make sure your data is clean and ready for analysis. 


The machine learning algorithms our team uses to analyze your data to identify objects, detect issues and uncover insights. Our experts also provide analysis to interpret the results and provide recommendations. 


Our experts provide detailed reports on analysis which include key insights and visualizations. In addition, we offer ongoing monitoring to make sure you get value from our services.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have expertise in a wide range of visual data and can analyze product images, customer photos, customer data and surveillance footage. You can connect with us for any type of data for analysis that you are interested in.
The length of the analysis process depends on a variety of factors, such as the volume of data, the complexity of the analysis, and your specific needs. We work with you to establish a timeline that meets your goals and provides timely insights.
Yes, we offer ongoing monitoring and reporting to ensure that you continue to get value from our service over time. We can provide regular reports, alerts for unusual activity, and customized dashboards to help you stay on top of your visual data insights.

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